About us

The range of off the shelf jigsaw puzzles is almost endless, but being able to have your own puzzle produced to an affordable price, was something completely new. This was the reason why we took matters into our own hands and invented a totally new production process, that delivers high-quality puzzles at affordable prices.

The puzzle motifs are printed on 2.2 mm puzzle cardboard with the latest digital printing technology. The motif is laminated with a special adhesive to protect the photo puzzles from fingerprints, scratches, fading and water splashes. At the end of the process the puzzles are punched and packed in a secure plastic foil before being placed into the box. These individually designed puzzle boxes are produced with the same diligence as the photo puzzles are. Just as important as the jigsaw puzzle itself is, of course, a simple online ordering system. And that’s exactly what we provide.

Our products

Personal photo puzzles with 48, 100, 200, 500, or 1000 pieces. You will be able to design your personal photo product and the referring box even without any graphical knowledges. It*s quite easy and the best thing, it's according to your own imagination. Just pick out one of dozens layouts and write a title or dedication on the top of the box!

These high quality photo products are a very original gift for different occasions, such as a birthday, a wedding, Christmas, Easter, or just something special for a friend.